Consumer Led Marketing

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Report on Consumer Led Marketing


Consumer led is the response of companies to the needs and desires of consumers in market. On the basis of consumer preferences companies produce products. They produce those products more which are buy and loved by clients more (Couldry, 2012). Companies are using social media for fulfilling demands of their clients by providing them easy and simple access (Patino, Pitta and Quinones, 2012). This present study consists of strengths and weaknesses of social media along with the opportunities firms get to attract their customers. For explaining communication tools of blogs, brand Debenhams is considered. IN the end, complete report is concluded in the form of summary with the key findings.

Introduction of Social Media

In today’s scenario, social media is considered to be one of the top-notch computer mediated tool which are used by people and companies to share information, videos, ideas and pictures in virtual world by the help of internet network. Social media are different from industrial media in various forms which includes quality, reach, usability, immediacy, etc (Patino, Pitta and Quinones, 2012). Along with this, it has many forms of technologies such as blogs, business networks, social networks, social gaming, forums, etc which helps organisations in interacting with customers and fulfilling their demands by providing them information about company’s services and products. They can get information regarding offline users by using mobile social media applications. Companies get all details of customers related to their activities on their sites such as exact time of user when he open site, enter an outlet, close site and other activities doe by him during access of site (O’Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson,  2011). These technologies provide firms opportunities to develop strong and loyal relations with customers, to promote and advertise their products in better way, etc. There are different social media monitoring tools available in market which helps organisations in searching, tracking and analysing the conversations takes place on web related to their products, brands, services and other topics of interest. This information helps organisations in analysing their market positions, customers review towards their services or products etc. People are preferring social media for getting news rather than reading newspapers or watching televisions. According to a study it is found that three-fourth people get news from e-mail or social media sites. Social media has changed the world in such a fast speed that people could never have thought before. It is being used by people and companies to shape world’s culture and other features. It has accelerated the rate of information sharing, relation developing and influencing individuals (Gerbaudo, 2012). Social media has got many features. It is only account of the mentioned features that these can be applied anywhere and to a given type of user interface. The first features the presence of a simple interface. It is on account of using colour scheme and graphics that is quite simple (Patino, Pitta and Quinones, 2012). The colour usually used in this context id few and has a presence of slight monochromatic variations. In the same way, there is also a feature of Good search functionality which is a must on account of vastly available information on the net. However it is also true that search options have got a presence of multiple dimensions in terms of traditional content search, social applications. Some of the social media have further got buttons and links that should be placed on every page. The links are crucial so as to navigate to other areas (O’Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson, 2011). On the other hand, it may further let the user adjust with a specific application functions. In the same way social media further allows for providing a meaningful organization and presentation of information so as to make the content readable. It can further ensure that users are able to properly scan as well as perceive the content in the best possible manner. In the same way, a good social media site is the one that treat text as a form of content. In this regard, the content can be regarded as a huge text block which has an incorporation of subtle variations of text colour, font size as well as background. In the same manner, the links to presentation further makes sure that the user is able to have content more accessible. Other than this, web forms as well as site can be regarded as one of the most crucial element of social media. These have been used in everything starting from sign up to search, posting a reply as well as adding some content.

Strength and weaknesses and challenges and benefits of social media

Understanding the Strengths, weaknesses challenges and benefits of social media is of huge importance so as to make them more user friendly. They can further assist the researcher to enhance the knowledge in this area. Hence, these have been described in the points given below.


  • People can share and discuss their ideas, thoughts, ask questions, queries, etc easily.

  • It has facilitated open communication and transparency among the people and organisations.

  • Proper utilisation of resources and manpower with effective time management and communication which leads to better management.

  • It has provided a opportunity to expand the business at global level and to influence global audience (Filonchuk, 2013).


  • It is difficult to maintain and manage social media campaign

  • There is lack of tools for tracking and monitoring the outcomes of social media campaign

  • Use of social media for marketing, advertising and promoting products or services is a time consuming process (Lebar and Blackston, 2015).

  • It has negative effect on employees performance as they waste their time in using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

  • It is affecting the health of individuals both mentally and physically (Patino, Pitta and Quinones, 2012)