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Relationship with employees refers to the relationship of an individual that they share in a workplace . Relationships can be of certain types like warm, good or bad and they can be shaped between employees, employers, superiors and among colleagues. To maintain an appropriate work environment in an organization, employers need to maintain productive relationships with their employees (Anitha, 2014). The organization for this mission is Pollen Street Social, located in Mayfair, London, UK. They divide their menu into different sections like a la carte, lunch menu , tasting menu, vegan, vegetarian, wine list, cocktails and desserts. The topics covered in this exercise are the principles of & nbsp; labor relations, rights, obligations and obligations of employees and employers and related advice. At the same time, it explains the roles of different stakeholders and the positive and negative impact of employee relations on stakeholders. MISSION 1 P1 The Value and Importance of Employee Relations Principles of Employee Relations To maintain effective employee relations in an organization , management should follow a number of key principles. These principles are typically developed by the human resources manager of an organization who helps them provide a safe and secure working environment for employees. By developing effective relationships with 4,444 employees, HR managers can reduce conflict situations, treat everyone equally, motivate employees and more. Therefore, the human resources director of Pollen Street Social should develop principles that take into account personnel policies that help them maintain an appropriate work environment . The concept of employee relations This refers to refers to an organization's efforts to maintain the relationship between employers and employees. An organization that provides productive relationships with employees works with the ability to treat their employees fairly and equally helps them motivate them and develop a sense of belonging to their job or work work (Carter et al., 2013). The respective Company develops relationships with its employees through which it treats its employees appropriately and therefore does its job appropriately. Pollen Street Social's chief human resources officer develops rules and regulations for employers and employees to help them maintain relationships with employees and to reduce discrimination. Positive Value of Employee Relationships Maintaining productive relationships with employees translates into a positive outcome because employees feel motivated and happy because they perform their jobs consistently. appropriate and effective way . It also helps to achieve goals and objectives appropriately. Positive Employee Relationship Values ​​for Pollen Street Social are mentioned below: Increase Productivity If an employer of a organization has a positive relationship with employees, the college and seniors, he is able to perform a job or task intelligently and efficiently (Conway et al., 2016). Employees feel connected to the workplace, which motivates them to accomplish their tasks with the utmost effort. This leads to an increase in the productivity of 4,444 employees and in the profits of the organization. The employers of the respective company motivate their employees in various ways such as reward, evaluation, etc. resulted in an improvement in the productivity of 4,444 employees. Advanced motivation & nbsp; If a organization develops an effective relationship with its employees, they will be able to effectively motivate their employees. As in an organization, employees face issues like discrimination, overtime and many more, so their employer makes rules and regulations regarding these issues. And the problem. It will motivate employees and they will feel is valuable to an organization. Impact of Negative Relationships with Employees When an organization does not have an effective relationship with its employees, it can face a variety of problems and issues. This will happen in the workplace for various reasons such as bad behavior by managers, discrimination in the workplace, authority not listening to employees issues and problems and many more again. The reasons that lead to the development of negative impact that company can experience if it does not maintain effective relationship with employees are mentioned below: employees do their job in an efficient manner. appropriate (Crisóstomo & Freire, 2015). Leads to high waste, slow job completion, conflicts, accidents and more. So the employer of Pollen Street Social design trains and & nbsp; development & nbsp; employee activities on demand. P2. Fundamental Principles of Labor Law In an organization, labor law is designed to create benefits for employees working in a particular workplace and it is essential that every organization develops it and complies with labor laws. government-issued jobs. This law protects employees against various major issues that can affect their performance such as unsafe working conditions, discrimination, pay issues and many more. In order to protect employees from these major problems, the UK government has developed different labor laws and regulations. Some of the main texts adopted by Pollen Street Social Board of Directors are: The Equality Act & nbsp; This Legal Protection Act was enacted by the UK Parliament in 2010 and its main purpose is to protect employees against discrimination in the workplace and in society at large (Forth et al. Associates, 2013). It is essential for every organization to develop fair behavior in its workplace in order to protect its employees in an appropriate manner. In a organization, discrimination is the main issue practiced on the basis of gender, color, age, marriage, disability, race, religion, values ​​and many more. Pollen Street Social's chief human resources officer passed an equality law that helps them protect the rights of 4,444 employees in the workplace. They also develop sanctions for those who discriminate or behave badly towards others. Employment Rights Act This law was passed in the UK No in 1996. It is a type of written contract or information which is provided by an employer to his employee when he appointed to a particular company. The given document



Employers of respective company have right to hire employees which is accurate for vacant position.

Employees of Pollen Street Social have right to get fair and equal wage and treatment according to situation and position.

In Pollen Street Social employers has right to develop standard for particular job or task.

In respective company subordinates has right to join trade union of they want.

In respective company employer can dismiss and promote their employees according to situation.

It is right of employees in respective company to get appropriate and safe working conduction (Gupta and Kumar, 2012).

Duties of employer and employees-



In Pollen Street Social core duty of employer is to provide safety and healthy working environment to employees.

It is duty of employees to follow health and safety instruction which is provided by employers or trainers.

It is duty of employer to listen and understand issues and problems of employees and provide appropriate solution respectively.

It is duty of employer to cooperate with their employers so that they able to conduct their duties in appropriate manner according to law and rules.

In respective company it is duty of employer to design training and development programmes for employees according to requirement.

In respective company employee’s duty is to take care of goods and equipments which Pollen Street Social provided to them.

Obligations of employer and employees-



The major obligation of employer in respective company is to check and ensure holidays or leave which is going to provide to employees.

It is obligation of Pollen Street Social employees to conduct their work and duties according to rules and instructions.

It is major obligation of Pollen Street Social employers to be loyal and dedicated toward their organization and duties (Jennings, McCarthy and Undy, 2017).

In respective company it is obligation of employees to follow rules, regulation and policies of their organisation in effective manner.

P4: Advising on rights, duties and obligations of the employment relationship Maintaining effective employer-employee relationships helps the organization achieve its goals and objectives effectively and efficient. When a company has the right relationship with its employees, it can effectively motivate and satisfy employees (Men and Stacks, 2013). If employees feel motivated, they perform their jobs appropriately, which leads to their productivity as well as the company's profits. Their various activities that a company adopts for effective employee relations, some of the activities that the respective company can adopt is that they train their employees as needed. With that, they can organize motivational sessions and activities, they develop homework rules and laws, they can ask for employee feedback and much more. The manager of Pollen Street Social can develop different rules and policies for the employer and the employees to work appropriately and efficiently. For big issues like disputes , they have to make rules because the company's respective employers first understand the employee's issues and problems and then develop appropriate solutions. They can also organize weekly employee meetings to discuss employee issues and problems and resolve them beforehand. At the same time, they must develop rules and policies regarding discrimination and protect the rights of 4,444 employees in an appropriate manner. TASKS 3 P5 Conduct stakeholder analysis Stakeholders refer to individuals, groups or organizations with an interest or interest in specific businesses or projects. These people can or can influence decisions, actions, goals and objectives of the organization. Stakeholders can be internal or external (Nam, 2012). These are different stakeholders like customers, employees, directors, creditors, government, owners, suppliers, unions and many more. All of these people have a positive or negative impact on an organization, and not all stakeholders are the same or equal. The stakeholders of a company are often interested in the succession of a project or an organization. Some of Pollen Street Social's 4,444 key stakeholders are described below:

  • Employees- It refers to a person or individual who works in an organization and helps it achieve its goals and objectives. The employees of the respective company act as key stakeholders because by the respective company can effectively achieve its goals and objectives . Pollen Street Social sets out the policies and process by which employees work in a manner appropriate and effective to achieve their goals.

  • Suppliers- This is a person or group of people who provide essential raw materials or products to the business so that they can carry out their production or production process efficiently. Therefore, the respective companies create healthy relationships with their suppliers so that they provide the right goods or products at an efficient price so that they effectively achieve their goals.

  • Owner- The owner of a business is considered as the main shareholder because he contributes capital and capital and has a great interest in running the business efficiently. Therefore, the owner of Pollen Street Social invests capital or funds in his or her business to make the business run and function efficiently. Business owners and managers respectively communicate effectively with their employees so that they are motivated and do their jobs appropriately.

  • Customers- A company's customers play an important role in a company's succession (Morris, 2012). Therefore, it is the responsibility of a organization to develop products and services based on the customers they are related to the business. As part of Pollen Street Social , their management designs restaurant menus based on customer needs .

  • Press and Media- For purpose of advertising every organisation has to face press and media and they also play major role in promoting business in both negative or positive form. So managers of Pollen Street Social develop effective relation with press and media by which they promote their business in positive manner. Through which customers get attracted and visit their restaurant.

Thus, Pollen Street Social leaders strategize and plan according to needs and the needs of their stakeholders so that they contribute to business improvement in an effective and relevant way. MISSION 4 P6 Impact of positive and negative employee relationships on different stakeholders The status of an organization's employee relationship impacts stakeholders differently according to positive and negative ways (Welch, 2012). In the context of Pollen Street, the social impact of relationships with employees is described below: Managing Conflict- Conflict management refers to deal with and resolve conflicts effectively and efficiently. Managers in every organization should identify conflicts appropriately so that they can develop solutions to problems. It is normal to have conflicts in the workplace because the employees come from different parts of the country and they share different beliefs, natures, values, etc. lead to conflicts and controversies. Conflict can bring good or bad results, it totally depends on the situation and the outcome. In , the respective company disputes resulted in both a positive and a negative result times. below: how negative relationship influence employees relation-

  • Increase staff turnover: & nbsp; If the respective company does not maintain effective relations with the employees, it cannot motivate them. An employee rotation situation arises when the employee feels demoralized, dissatisfied with the work environment, the employer's behavior is not good and so on .

  • Less job satisfaction: Having a weak relationship with employees results in lower job satisfaction among employees (Anitha, 2014). If the Pollen Street Social restaurant does not develop the right relationship with its employees, employees feel less motivated, less connected to the company, and less satisfied with their work..

So Employers or supervisors develop strategies and plans to help them develop effective employer-employee relationships. In this way, they plan various activities such as providing appropriate training sessions as required by , allocating work according to skills and abilities. Along with this, they develop activities such as rewarding and evaluating employees for their good work, promotion, accountability improvement and many more.. how positive relationship influence employees relation-

  • Increase productivity: If an organization conducts relations activities with employees effectively, it will lead to employee satisfaction and motivation (Gill & Meyer, 2013). Leads to improved employee productivity. In the context of Pollen Street Social, they maintain the right relationship with their restaurant employees, which helps motivate employees effectively. At the same time, improving the productivity of 4,444 employees and reducing the employee turnover rate.

  • Enhance employees commitment: If an organization conducts relations activities with employees effectively, it will lead to employee satisfaction and motivation (Gill & Meyer, 2013). Leads to improved employee productivity. In the context of Pollen Street Social, they maintain the right relationship with their restaurant employees, which helps motivate employees effectively. At the same time, improving the productivity of 4,444 employees and reducing the employee turnover rate.

Therefore, it is essential that the respective restaurants maintain an effective relationship with their employees so that they feel involved in their work and workplace. This benefits both the employer and the employee. Employees can perform their tasks more consistently, which improves their productivity. Whereas when employers practice effective relationships with employees, they can achieve their goals and objectives effectively. & Nbsp; Employee well-being It refers to the activities undertaken by an organization to develop and maintain a healthy and safe working environment for employees in a workplace. With these , employers can motivate and satisfy employees. Leads to employee satisfaction and they can do their jobs the right way. Benefits, also known as fringe benefits and services, are provided by an organization to its 4,444 employees (Men, 2012). Some of the primary activities of Pollen Street Social for the benefit of employees are to maintain a clean and efficient work environment. With this, they develop safety measures for employees, request responses, provide break rooms, reading rooms, etc. Conclusion From the point discussed above, it can be concluded that in all their organizations there must be an effective relationship between employers and employees in order for the activities and functions of the company to run smoothly. Employee relations are important and valuable to every organization. These are the various Basic Laws developed by the government in order for business and activities to be carried out in a proper manner. These are the different duties, rights and obligations that employers and employees have in an organization. In a company, there are stakeholders such as consumers, employees, the press, etc. play an essential role in the succession of 4,444 companies. Relationships with employees within an organization affect stakeholders in both positive and negative ways. Presenter

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