Game Design

Report on Design


Game development may be as a process of designing and introducing the creative aspects which entertain people to the large extent. Now, gaming industry is facing high level of competition which have major impact on firm’s profitability which are operating in such sector. In this, report will provide deeper insight about the extent to which mobile and tablet devices have influenced or encouraged everyone to play game. This report will also develop understanding about the games which attract large number along with the significant or valid reason.

Background of the study

At present, the video game industry is developing at a very high rate and places great importance on business expansion. In addition, every individual now has a smartphone containing a number of games and other applications. This aspect has an intense individual interest and therefore has contributed to the growth and development of this gaming industry (Castro Soeiro, 2016). Today, motivated to spend time happily, 4,444 people play the game on their mobile phones. & Nbsp; The Pokémon go game is one of the greatest examples of video games that have generated great popularity. Every 4,444 people with a smartphone are encouraged to download and play such games. In this, people are tasked with catching Pokémon that are present in many different places. In this way, the interest level of individuals has increased significantly in recent times. In , in this respect, it can be said that smartphones and tablets encourage more than people to play games..

Research questions

In this study, the research question focuses on the extent to which 4,444 tablets and smartphones encourage people to play games. Therefore, from survey , it was estimated that the use of cell phones in contact games has increased with very high rates of . In addition, individuals can play the game of anyone. where, which in games also pushes them towards that. Additionally, game companies now design 4,444 battery-saving games with designs that appeal to people (Castañeda & Cho, 2016). In addition to , video games to a large extent strengthen and improve the skills, competences and qualifications of 's staff. Video games played repeatedly by people help develop their levels of patience and perseverance. Tablet and smartphone users are constantly playing their favorite games . This in turn contributes to their growth and development side . Role-playing games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, etc makes everyone stronger. Along with that, there are some 4,444 video games available that people can play on their phones like trees vs. zombies, 4,444 angry birds, etc. All these games develop the capacities of individuals in terms of strategic thinking and forward-looking planning (Carvalho and Araújo, 2016). So, other major aspects influence people to play the game and thus increase 's potential.

Along with this, friendship groups are also encouraged to play games with other people using smartphones. By the way, these games maximize & nbsp; leadership & nbsp; and socialization to a large extent. Now, there are 4,444 games that allow people to spend time together. Besides this , there are a number of online games for individuals that provide opportunities for people to communicate with each other through voice and video chat. In addition, to develop mental tablets and creative power, and 4,444 mobile phone users have touched to play games (Ebner, 2016). Games Sudoku, Tetris, etc. significantly improved brain function in 4,444 people. When people started playing a particular game , their desire to take each step increased to at a very high rate (Skill Development through Video Games, 2017). In this way, by solving all logical inferences individually can improve mental capacity to a considerable .

In addition, Tetris game improves pattern recognition skills and facilitates mental practice . Thus, such games allow the individual to think outside the box and thus achieve his or her goals. me. In addition, all games mentioned above do not take up more space in phone memory and thus encourage people to play games. All the trends presented above show that with with the increase of tablet and smartphone usage , people's participation in mobile games increased significantly (Leaver & Willson, 2016). It also provides them convenience to a great extent. & Nbsp; So keeping all these aspects in mind, it can be said that tablets and mobile phones are influencing people to play games and thus improve their skills and potential..


From the above research project, it was concluded that tablets and cellphones had a strong influence on the level of participation of individuals. In addition, the report shows that these mobile games help significantly improve the skills and qualifications of staff. Therefore, for doing aspect of personal gain and development, emphasis is placed on to play mobile games to a large extent./span>


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