Construction of Technology

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Report on Construction of Technology


1. Construction Technology is a very prominent Civil Engineering branch and involves the study and application of various methods and technologies used in this aspect. This is an important aspect that are considered in this field undertakes management of infrastructures (Gao, Y and et. al., 2016). As per the current scenario, a five-storey Hotel Complex needs to be constructed near Heathrow Airport in London, UK. The report would constitute the terminology used in construction technology and different techniques used in construction of substructure and super structure. It also involves various infrastructure technology used in supporting buildings and supply and distribution of a range of building services.

2. The renewable obligation is the designed certificate which is necessary to take by each industry which is using power in access. It encourages the generation of electricity through renewable resources so that natural sources can be preserved. It provides licence to electricity suppliers. The obligations set by the department for business energy and industrial strategy (BEIS) annully. Members predict amount of electricity supply in future and according to their forecasting they issue certificates to industries (Feed-in Tariffs, 2015). In the year of 2015-2016 buy out price per ROC is £44.33, obligation level for England is 0.29 and for Ireland is 0.119. To increase the use of renewable energy RO provides incentives to such suppliers those who generated large scale of renewable electricity. Feed-in Tariffs scheme has been launched by UK government to support this ROC. Suppliers made payment into a buy fund. If there is access of production then prices will get down. Prices of buy-out fund can be reached to zero if cost of renewable and non renewable are similar (Causes of Global Warming, 2016). Role of OFGEM is to maintain register of ROCs. It functions is to calculate the buy-out price properly, receive late payments and after that this body redistribute the repayment funds. To get the certificate organizations are needed to generate electricity from several sources such as Biogas, biomass, hydro electricity, landfill gas etc. Aim of the body is to obtain 15% of energy from the renewable sources by the end of 2020. This will support to make great change in the surrounding of UK nation.

As a consultant of renewable energy, individual is required to focus on ROC, as it is a Green certificate which is issued by OFGEM (Feed-in Tariffs, 2015). As this body work for generating biomass, wind power, hydro electricity etc. Through this certificate it controls over the activity of oil and gas industry. In UK there are many oil industries which increase pollution in the environment with their production. Government has fixed amount of penalties if any supplier break the rules of the ROC (Bozarth and Handfield, 2016). For instance ROC has punished the npower company which is operating in the oil and gas sector with amount of £125,000. As npower has made mistake to report to Feed-in-Tariff. Government is providing financial support to this body. The motive of promoting REOC is to preserve the natural resource so that glo9bal warming, pollution, climate changes etc. such issues can be minimized. UK government has offered the ROC the fiscal and monitory support so that it can be developed and adverse effects of bad environment can be reduced (Causes of Global Warming, 2016).

3. In order to reduce the greenhouse gas or immense use of the water resources and land resources UK government has supported the renewable energy system that is wind power through which turbine uses the air flow for generating the electricity. It is an effective measure or alternative energy system to the fossil fuels that support in conserving the environment. It has been evaluated that in the year 2014 the capacity of global wind power increases 16% that is to 369,553 MW. For sourcing the energy UK government has focused on both Onshore and Offshore wind farms. In this renewable energy system there are different wind farms that consists of different connected wind turbine that outcome in generating the electricity at the cheaper rate than the electrical plant. As per the view of Heier (2014) wind power is also consider as the clean source that is relied or trust for attaining the long term future